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Oyster Creek Regional park

Placida Road Entrance


 A large open parking lot with portable toilet

To the East is the entrance to a large wooded area

Very wide, well defined trails will lead you through the forest

 A small dock overlooks Oyster Creek 
and is only a short walk from the parkinglot

Most of the paths are slightly shaded by pine trees which do a very good job of covering the hard shell walkway with pine needles which makes for a soft, quiet walk or ride on your bike


A few hundred feet further up the trail, 
anther walkway crosses over Oyster Creek


To the west of the parkinglot is another walkway that actually goes under the highway near the entrance to Oyster Creek Park

The Mangrove Trail will take you over the water and under 
the Placida Road bridge

 Ever wonder why they call it Oyster Creek ?

 On the west side of the bridge the trail leads into
Cedar Point Environmental Park

To the south of the parking area there is also a very nice 
kayak launch that is shallow and well protected.


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Oyster Creek Regional Park
on Placida Road